Get Healthy with Nuts and Seeds: Nut Milk Recipe

Nut milk is a simple and healthy way to get all the vegetable protein you need. MAKES 1 QUART

• 1 cup nuts or seeds

1. Soak your choice of nuts or seeds overnight. Rinse.

2. Add 1 quart of water to a blender with the almonds and 1 tablespoon raw honey. Blend.

3. Strain though cheesecloth or a sprout bag.

    Brigitte Mars, an herbalist and nutritional consultant from Boulder, Colorado, teaches herbology and is the author of many books, including Herbs for Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails (Keats, 1998), Dandelion Medicine (Storey, 1999) and Natural First Aid (Storey, 1999).

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