Fresh Clips: The Real Mojito

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Richters’ Mojito Mint reportedly adds unique flavor to the classic Cuban aperitif. Like other mints, it grows easily in sun or shade and is ideal for a large container.

The Mojito, a traditional Cuban cocktail said to be a favorite of the writer Ernest Hemingway, is made with rum, powdered sugar, lime juice, club soda and a mint unique to Cuba. Since the true mojito mint was difficult to find “up north,” spearmint usually was substituted.

Now, you can grow and use the authentic mojito mint (Mentha ×villosa). Richters Herbs, known for its extensive herb selection, obtained the plants from Cuba and is offering them in the company’s 2008 catalog. According to Richters, the authentic mojito mint “is clearly different from most other mints. Its scent and flavor are agreeably mild and warm, not pungent or overly sweet like some mints. Like all mints, it is easy to grow and will provide more than enough fresh sprigs for your mojitos.” Mojito mint is winter hardy in Zones 5-9.

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