Fresh Clips: Herb Pairings for the Grill

• Rosemary: Chicken, Pork, Potatoes 

• Sage: Pork, Duck Sausage

• Marjoram: Steak, Egg Dishes, Roasts

• Basil: Tomatoes, Chicken Sandwiches

• Oregano: Pasta, Pizza Meatloaf

• Garlic: Peppers, Steak, Chicken

• Thyme: Tuna, Zucchini, Pasta Salad

• Spearmint: Lamb, Ice Cream, Tea

• Tarragon: Turkey, Chicken, Eggs

• Parsley: Potatoes, Soups, Fish

• Anise: Sausage, Cookies, Apples

• Lemon balm: Lobster Dressings, Berries

• Chives: Potatoes, Burgers, Fish

• Dill: Salmon, Dips, Potatoes

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