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Herbs for Health considers you a partner in our effort to create the best magazine possible.
So, what would you like to see more of in future issues? Please fill out this survey as completely as possible.

Who are you?
1. How old are you?
___ 18-24 ___ 25-34
___ 35-44 ___ 45-54
___ 55-64 ___ 65-79
___ 80-100
2. Are you ___female___male?
3. Have you previously filled out an Herbs for Health survey? ___ yes___ no
4. What level of education have you achieved?
___High school
___Trade or vocational school
___Some college
___College degree(s)
5. Are you a subscriber?___yes___no
6. Would you be interested in being on a board of readers which periodically talks with editors about the magazine? ___yes___no
7. May we keep your contact information on file for future market research? (We won’t share it with anyone else.)
Send mail. Please write your sub-scriber number here (the number at the top of your mailing label, beginning with
(H4H)____________________________Send e-mail to (please print)__________________________________
Call me at (_____)__________________
8. How long have you been reading
Herbs for Health?
____This is my first issue
____Less than 1 year
____1-2 years____2-3 years
What are you interested in?
9. In addition to our usual coverage, what trends would you like to see in future ­issues of Herbs for Health?
___Asian medicine
___Bach flower essences
___Beauty products/tips
___Growing and harvesting herbs
___Legal issues about herbs
___Longevity medicine
___Mind/body connection
___More cooking with herbs
___More homemade medicines
___More homeopathy
___More on credible manufacturers
___More on mainstream herbs
___More on scientific studies
___More on unusual herbs
___News/latest herb info
How do you care for yourself and your family?
10. Which people in your family use ­alternative medicine?
Myself What kind? ___________________
My spouse What kind? ____________________________________
Other adult(s) What kind? ____________________________________
My children (under 18) What kind? ____________________________________
My grandchildren What kind? ____________________________________
11. How long has your family been using herbs as medicine?
Myself ___up to 1 yr ___1-3 yrs
___3-10 yrs ___over 10 yrs
My spouse ___up to 1 yr ___1-3 yrs
___3-10 yrs ___over 10 yrs
Other adult(s) ___up to 1 yr ___1-3 yrs
___3-10 yrs ___over 10 yrs
My children ___up to 1 yr ___1-3 yrs
___3-10 yrs ___over 10 yrs
My grandchildren ___up to 1 yr ___
1-3 yrs ___3-10 yrs ___over 10 yrs
12. How much do you spend each year on herbs, supplements, and vitamins?
___$0-$49 ___$50-$99
___$100-$149 ___$150-$199
___$200-$249 ___$250-$299
___$300-$349 ___$350-$399
___$400 or more
13. What form(s) do you usually take ­dietary supplements?
___Commercial tinctures
___Homemade tinctures/capsules
___Homemade teas
___Commercial teas
___Cook with herbs and nutrient-rich foods
___In pre-made food products
___Other (please describe) ____________________________________
14. Where do you buy your dietary ­supplements?
___GNC, Vitamin Cottage, or other ­supplement retailer
___Wal-Mart, Target, or other superstore
___Grocery store
___Health-food store
___Independent distributor. Which? ____________________________________
___Catalog. Which?
Mail-order. Which?____________________
___Internet. Which?___________________
15. Do you discuss alternative health with your medical doctor?___Yes___No. If not, why not? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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