Mix Eggs with Herbs for Delicious Meals

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Use whatever fresh greens are in season for flavorful Egg and Cheese Puffs.
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his colorful egg salad is filled with nasturtiums, chives, pickles, onions and celery.
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Fresh herbs turn a fried egg sandwich into a delectable treat.

Herbed Egg Recipes:

• Lucie’s Deviled Eggs 
• Egg Salad with Nasturtiums and Chives 
• Perhaps the Best Fried Egg Sandwich 
• Frittata with Peas, New Potatoes, and Spearmint 
• Eggs Chilaquile-Style 
• Egg and Cheese Puff with Greens 
• Bittersweet Chocolate and Espresso Soufflés 

Does it really matter which came first, the chicken or the egg? Without either, we wouldn’t have the soufflé, omelet, quiche, mayonnaise, béarnaise, egg-drop soup, pasta carbonara, angel food cake and many other delicious creations.

Eggs combine well with almost any culinary herb. Whether simply scrambled or mixed into batters or fillings, eggs have the ability to capture and retain the flavor of the herbs and spices or vegetables and fruits with which they are cooked. Because of their mild flavor, eggs adapt easily to many different flavors and cooking methods. Their versatility invites creativity not only through form but also through flavor.

Although their shells might be fragile, eggs form a foundation for cookery around the world. Put on your reading glasses and allow me to introduce you to eggs in a variety of dishes influenced by the cooking of many countries: a mouthwatering Italian-style frittata with spring vegetables and herbs; my version of chilaquiles (a traditional Mexican dish made from pieces of fried tortilla smothered in green or red salsa or mole); all-American favorites like fried egg sandwiches and deviled eggs; and a decadent chocolate espresso soufflé.

Contributing editor Susan Belsinger has enjoyed combining eggs and herbs since she planted her first herb garden in the early 1970s. 

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