Cultivating Flavor: Cooking Herbs

Cook up something tasty with these herbs.

Basil: delicate herb best added at the end of cooking

Bay: excellent in slow-cooked dishes; remove before eating

Burnet: salad herb with delicate flavor

Chives: adds mild onion flavor to savory dishes

Dill: delicate herb best added at the end of cooking

Lavender: sweet herb used in breads, desserts and savory dishes

Lemon balm: adds lemon flavor to sweet and savory foods

Lovage: celery flavor that’s good in soup, stew and salad

Sweet marjoram: robust flavor that holds up well in slow-cooked dishes

Mints: sweet herb used in desserts, beverages, sauces and some savory dishes

Nasturtium: flowers and leaves used in salads, appetizers and as garnish

Oregano: robust flavor holds up well in slow-cooked dishes

Parsley: all-purpose herb with delicate flavor

Pineapple sage: sweet herb for desserts and beverages

Rosemary: robust all-purpose herb

Sage: robust all-purpose herb

Savory: robust herb for meats and vegetables

Scented geraniums: delicate, sweet herb used in desserts and beverages

Tarragon: strong flavor (use sparingly)

Thyme: robust all-purpose herb

Sweet woodruff: delicate herb used in beverages

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