The Spread of Serious Chai Tea: Dinner Party Chai

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Chai spices before being ground for a delicious cup of tea.

<strong>Dinner Party Chai</strong>
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Robert K. Henderson<br />
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Serves 3 to 4</p>
<em>This chai, which Henderson describes as “a nectar so sensuous it has an almost narcotic–though apart from the caffeine and sugar, psychosomatic–effect,” stimulates amiable conversation after a good meal.</em>
<p>• 3 slices gingerroot<br />
• 6 cloves<br />
• 1/2 teaspoon coriander seeds<br />
• 1 cinnamon stick, shredded<br />
• 3 black peppercorns<br />
• 1/4 teaspoon aniseeeds<br />
• 2 tablespoons plus 1 teaspoon black<br />
tea leaves<br />
• 3 cups cold water<br />
• 6 to 8 tablespoons milk<br />
• 2 tablespoons honey</p>
<p>1. Gently warm all the ingredients in a saucepan, covered, for 10 to 15 minutes (do not boil). Warm a teapot with hot water, pour it out, and strain the chai into the pot. Cover the pot with a towel or tea cozy to keep the chai hot.</p>
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<em>When she isn’t tracking down food trends and scoping out gourmet groceries, Susan Clotfelter edits herb books for Interweave Press in Loveland, Colorado.</em>
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