Add This Herb To Your Diet: Garlic

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Add more garlic to your diet. It’s a tasty herb that can be used with nearly every food. It is most commonly used in Asian and Mediterranean dishes. This member of the Allium family grows in bulbs and is known to lower blood pressure, improve cardiovascular health and protect against many types of cancers.

Discover five easy ways to benefit from garlic’s health properties below.

Garlic can offer you major health benefits. Add garlic to your diet.
Photo by Mullica/Courtesy of Flickr

Ways to Add Garlic to Your Diet

1. Add chopped or minced garlic to spaghetti, lasagna or any other pastas dish you enjoy. I enjoy making pastas and garlic is always a must-have flavor.

2. Add garlic for flavor to baked or mashed potatoes. Do not fry the potatoes with the garlic because burning this herb could be detrimental to your meal.

3. Many people use salt on vegetables, but next time you think about salting vegetables try garlic instead. Garlic is a healthier alternative. Mixing garlic with asparagus, broccoli and other green vegetables to pack even more health into your meal.

4. Mix garlic into dips, salad dressings and salsas.

5. I love chocolate and cookies. Try mixing garlic into your cookies and brownies. Cooked garlic has an extremely mild flavor and will be great if added correctly to desserts.

Add garlic to your vegetables instead of salt.
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Poultry, lamb and pork are excellent with garlic. Take these tips with you and add garlic to your diet today! Do you have any good garlic recipes? Let me know what you think.

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