All About Dandelion: Recipes, Harvesting Tips and More

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While many people may think of dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) as a stubborn weed, it is actually considered a valuable plant chock full of nutritious health benefits. As one of the most abundant weeds throughout North America, the dandelion is quite possibly the easiest weed to recognize. This versatile green is very palatable when collected at the right time, in the right way—collect dandelion leaves in the spring before the flower buds appear and cut the greens with the top of the root still attached so the leaves stay together.

All About Dandelion: Recipes, Harvesting Tips and More

Below we feature some of our best articles about dandelion throughout the years. Learn how to harvest dandelion greens, discover the plant’s many health benefits, and use dandelion greens in your everyday cooking.

Harvesting Dandelion Greens

Yards are filled with free, nutritious plants—the dandelion! Instead of spraying these weedy greens with toxic chemicals, harvest them for their benefits.

Take advantage of this delicious and nutritious weed.


Dandelion Health Benefits

Before you dismiss this weed, consider it’s health benefits: dandelion is a natural diuretic, is packed full of essential minerals, can be used topically for clear skin and more.

Enjoy all of the health benefits that this weed has to offer. 

Cooking with Dandelion

Once you’re beyond that first bitter bite, start addingdandelions to your cooking for added nutrients—you can eat them raw, steamed, dried, roasted and more.

Check out our serving suggestions for a slew of dandelion cooking ideas. 

Our Favorite Dandelion Recipes

Dandelion is a very versatile plant. If you like bitter greens, you’ll find dandelions delicious, while steaming dandelion greens or mixing them with other greens will mask their bitterness. Read on to learn how to use this weed in everything from spring green salads, breakfast omelets, calzones and even wine.

Dandelion Wine

These bitter leaves can lend themselves to a fine country wine. Enjoy this beverage during the spring, or save a bottle for the winter to remind yourself of sunnier days.

Get the recipe here. 

Dandelion Salad with Bacon

Finely chopped dandelion leaves make great salads, especially when picked young and tender before flowers form. Pair the greens with smoked bacon in this recipe.

Get the recipe here.

Wild Green & Dandelion Omelet

Rise and shine with this nutritious breakfast omelet. This healthy omelet is prepared with fresh dandelion as well as lamb’s quarters, tarragon and chives.

Get the recipe here.

Steamed Dandelions

Clean and finely chop your dandelion greens, then flavor them with garlic and chili pepper flakes for a taste that complements dandelion’s first-bite bitterness.

Get the recipe here.

Wild Spring Flower Salad

The combination of spring greens in this salad recipe can help you in experimenting with edible wild plants such as violet flowers, arugula, yarrow and dandelion.

Get the recipe here.

Even More Dandelion Ideas

Cook with dandelions and other edible wild greens with these ideas and cooking inspirations, including crepes, calzones, stir fry, polenta, chip dip and much more.

Get more cooking suggestions here.

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