5 Quick-Fix Foods

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Food sustains us, quite literally. We have to feed our physical bodies, of course. But real food is so much more than that—we also want to nourish our family bonds by eating meals together. We want to tend to our land, caring for it to reap the bounty of produce in return. And we want to provide sustenance to our souls, by observing—and participating in—the cycle of life right in front of us as we move through the seasons.

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1. Mix It Up

High Antioxidant Trail Mix stars a yummy blend of organic, non-GMO pumpkin seeds, almonds, goji berries, raisins and mulberries.

TO BUY:1-pound bag: $13.50 from GrandyOats

2. Sesame Street

Switch up your snacking with Whole Wheat Sesame Sticks, free of synthetic flavors, colors, preservatives and additives.

TO BUY:$3.50 from NOW Foods

3. Choice Chips

Mild yet bursting with flavor, Mild Green Mojo chips are the perfect salty snack. Late July is a family-owned business and its chips are organic and non-GMO.

TO BUY:$3.50 from Late July Organic Snacks

4. Lil’ Sprout

With organic whole-wheat berries and no added sugar, protein-rich Sprouted Wheat Bagels make for a satisfying breakfast.

TO BUY:6 bagels: $3.50 from Alvarado Street Bakery

5. Glorious Grains

Table-ready in 60 seconds, these pouches of tasty organic grains, legumes, vegetables, spices and herbs are nutrient-dense, ideal for a weekday lunch.

TO BUY:$4 from Made in Nature

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