15 Best Paleo Blogs

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Me like eat healthy food!

A paleo diet is far from just a meal plan—when taken seriously, it’s a way of life. Though you don’t have to let your grammar devolve, there is evidence that adopting a more primal lifestyle could be a healthy option for you.

When starting out (or continuing) with a lifestyle changing diet, it can be difficult to find the support and inspiration you need. Whether you’re just starting to think about what being paleo means, or are a seasoned cave person on the hunt for fresh and tasty recipes, the following blogs are 10 of the best paleo blogs out there (though there are way more than just 10!).


1.  Paleo Leap

This blog has resources for people at all stages of paleo, with fun recipes, news articles, lifestyle and life tips ranging from fitness ideas to money saving tips to how to stay on track when you eat out at a restaurant

2. Civilized Caveman Cooking

This blog was written by the NYT best-selling co-author of The Paleo Kitchen, a retired marine who spent years struggling with eating disorders and fitness obsessions, who found happiness and food peace with the paleo diet. His blog has hundreds of delicious recipes organized by meal, and a whole section for the crock-pot.

3. Radishes and Rubies

Written by the Californian author of The Paleo Slow Cooker, this blog offers tons of tasty recipes and lovely photography—just browsing through will make you hungry! This is a good website for beginners at the lifestyle, with straight-forward and understandable guidelines and tips to eating a little healthier every day.


4. Chris Kresser

This blog is written by a globally recognized leader in the fields of ancestral health, paleo nutrition, and integrative medicine, and the author of Your Personal Paleo Code. This blog will give you the science and nutrition backing to start taking paleo seriously. This is a great resource for finding educated solutions to many health problems, including thyroid disorders, heartburn, and gut health.


5. Cave Girl in the City

Kenzie gives us a fun and fresh look at a paleo life, balancing food, fitness and fashion. Her blog has tons of yummy recipes, as well as useful Paleo pointers and tricks, kitchen hacks, themed paleo menus, and some personal style tips.


6. Mark’s Daily Apple

Mark Sisson (with the help of Grok the caveman) have outlined a Primal Blueprint, meant to change the “diet” mindset to a lifestyle mindset. His blog focuses less on recipes and meal plans, and more on living, exercising, sleeping well and trying to LGN (look good naked).


7. PaleOMG

This oft-cited blog is written by Juli, a CrossFit coach based in Denver who loves good food and tough exercises. She co-wrote the Paleo Kitchen with George Bryant from Civilized Caveman Cooking, and also wrote OMG. That’s Paleo?. Her recipes are fun and delicious, and each has a story with a little… personal flair.

8. The Domestic Man

This blog was written by Russ Crandall, author of The Ancestral Table, who has been struggling with a rare autoimmune disease since he had a stroke when he was 24, and underwent a serious heart operation at 26. Paleo diet is not a cure for Russ, but has helped him recover his health enough to live a normal life and get off some of his medications. His recipes look delicious and often have some international inspiration.


9. The Spunky Coconut

This mother of 2 has quite a sweet-tooth, and has found delicious and less-bad-for-you recipes, written in her cookbooks, Dairy-Free Ice Cream and The Paleo Chocolate Lovers’ Cookbook. If you want to introduce paleo ideas into your diet, but arent’ quite ready to give up baked treats and desserts, this is the place to go. She also has a ton of delicious main meals, soups, stews, and veggies.

10. Nom Nom Paleo

This blog is adorable. Follow along with a cartoon Michelle Tam as she shows you what to buy, how to plan a meal, and how to prepare awesome paleo meals. Michelle is also a NYT best-selling author of NomNom Paleo: Food for Humans. Every paleo person should check out a few of her “nomtastic” recipes.


11. Paleo Mom

In case you’re starting to sense a trend, I like bloggers who have written cookbooks—they seem pretty legit to me. Here’s another NYT best-selling author of the series The Paleo Approach. Sarah’s approach to paleo is one of holistic healing—food can reverse the effects of autoimmune diseases (like cancer). Her blog has recipes galore, as well as a guide to living paleo, and insight into autoimmune problems you may not even know you have. Bonus, she also has a whole section of paleo foods for kids.


12. Primal Palate

this website not only has wonderful recipes, but it is a community hub for paleo people. You can upload your own recipes, read about the latest foodie news, and find a hundred books on the paleo diet. They also have an e-newsletter that will deliver new recipes to your inbox every week.

13. Cupcakes to Crossfit

This husband/wife duo embarked on a paleo diet together, trying to find a middle ground between eating cupcakes all day and doing crossfit. This blog offers delicious recipes, vibrant photography, and fun infographics.

14. Everyday Paleo

This is a classic, as far as paleo books and blogs go. Sarah Fragoso wrote best selling Everyday Paleo, with an intro by Robb Wolf, the father of paleo diet. On her site, you’ll find a ton of great recipes that are simple and tasty enough to prepare and eat every day, as well as her podcast and video workshops.

15. Bravo for Paleo

Studying pre-med, cooking and writing on the side, Monica is a fresh new face on the paleo scene. She offers delicious recipes for all types and time constraints, as well as foods for special occasions.

Other good resources to check out:


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