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The Most Amazing Anti-Aging Foods for a Youthful Appearance

With so much information online as to the best foods and diets for our waistline, it can become overwhelming to look into and choose each individual grocery on your shopping list that will contribute to your overall health. Add to that our insatiable need to safeguard our youth, and you have ...

Elements of Aging and Herbal Healing: Aging and Eating

(This is the second in a series of articles on some common physical changes women may experience, such as varicose veins or age spots, as they age and how these changes can naturally be reduced or minimized) Our Aging Bodies As we get older, our bodies start to show the wear and tear that we ...

Garlic Mustard: A Spring Gourmet Food!

Yes, I said it, garlic mustard as a gourmet food!   I firmly believe with some successful rebranding, garlic mustard could be the new seasonal food craze up there with the likes of morel mushrooms or leeks and is MUCH easier to find. Its heart shaped leaves and white flowers carry that garlic ...

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