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World’s Easiest Vegan Cashew Yogurt Cheese Recipe

Yogurt cheese is exactly what it sounds like — cheese made from yogurt. However, most commercial varieties of yogurt are filled with thickeners, such as xanthan gum, carrageenan, guar gum, or some other agent that interferes with extracting excess water from the yogurt in order to turn it ...


Vegan ‘Bracotta’ Cheese Recipe

This delightful, slightly sweet, slightly savory cheese has the rich, distinct flavor of Brazil nuts, along with a slightly crumbly texture. I love it crumbled atop a mixed green salad with pomegranate arils or sliced green apple. It also tastes wonderful spread on apple slices or crackers. ...


Aged ‘Savorella’ Vegan Cheese Recipe

Sauerkraut brine is another starter culture that can be used in plant-based cheese making. When made from homemade sauerkraut, the brine is full of health-building probiotic cultures that naturally age the cheese. It also contains nutrients from the cabbage as it ferments, such as sulforaphane. ...

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