Brown Bag Breakfast Recipe

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The brown bag breakfast is a quick, convenient and hearty choice for campfire cooking.
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"Hungry Campers" by Zac Williams offers simple recipes for cooking by the fireside.

Whether you’re feeding one or 100, you’ll find the campfire recipe that’s right for you in Zac Williams’ book Hungry Campers (Gibbs Smith, 2013). Williams offers a wide selection of simple and easy-to-make recipes that can be used for all types of outdoor adventures. The following campfire breakfast recipe is excerpted from Hungry Campers.

You can purchase this book from the Mother Earth Living storeHungry Campers: Cooking Outdoors for 1 to 100.

For those new to camp cooking, a great place to start is with the basics. Cooking over a fire is perfect because all campers can participate in preparing, cooking and eating! Perfect for overnight camping trips, this basic recipe requires minimal equipment to prepare and cleans up easily. Plus, it only serves one.

Brown Bag Breakfast Recipe


• 3 strips bacon
• 2 eggs
• 1/2 cup frozen hash brown potatoes, thawed
• Salt
• Black pepper
• Hot pepper sauce (optional)


• Campfire coals
• Brown paper bag (lunch size)
• Stick or marshmallow roasting fork

1. Place bacon in the bottom of the bag. Crack eggs into the bag over the bacon. Add hash brown potatoes. Season with salt and black pepper to taste.

2. Fold and roll down the top of the bag until about 3 inches above the potatoes. Insert a stick through folded portion and cook 5–6 inches over low coals for about 10 minutes. It helps to prop up the stick with rocks.

3. Carefully tear off the top of the bag to serve. Season with hot pepper sauce. Serves 1

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Reprinted with permission from Hungry Campers: Cooking Outdoors for 1 to 100 by Zac Williams and published by Gibbs Smith, 2013.

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