Mother Earth Living Lifestyle Submission Requirements

lake house and sunny kitchen family on porch

Would you like to be featured in Mother Earth Living magazine, or would you like to nominate someone you know? Mother Earth Living, a natural health and sustainable lifestyle magazine, is interested in sharing stories of people bringing the Mother Earth Living lifestyle to their communities—in their homes, gardens, careers, social and volunteer activities, and more.

Mother Earth Living accepts submissions for lifestyle profiles year-round. We typically schedule profiles approximately one year in advance, so please be aware that there will likely be a lengthy period between submission and potential acceptance and publication. We prefer entries submitted by email to,  you may also submit entries by mail: Hannah Kincaid, Mother Earth Living magazine, 1503 SW 42nd St., Topeka KS 66609.

To submit yourself or someone you know to be featured in a Mother Earth Living lifestyle profile, please include the following information:

BASICS: Please include the name of the nominee, the names and ages of family/household members (spouse, children, pets, etc); the name of any associated businesses or organizations; and the location and size of the nominee’s home.

LIFESTYLE: What are the most interesting, naturally healthy and sustainable aspects of this person’s lifestyle? Perhaps she is a mom who raises her own goats and has a home-based business, someone who heads an herbal medicine educational center, a green-building enthusiast who shares her home and knowledge with the community or the leader of a children’s educational garden. Whatever the case may be, we’d love to learn how this nominee’s lifestyle contributes to a healthier home and family for herself and a better community and planet.