Small-Space Garden Projects

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Although most of us would love a lush landscape or garden, in reality, few of us have the time, space or other resources available to maintain one. Whether you’re short on space or short on time, these small-space garden projects will bring a bit of life (and greenery) to your home.


Photo By Thayer Allison Gowdy

Apart from houseplants, terrariums offer one of the easiest ways to bring the outdoors in. These miniature landscape designs take a short time to assemble, and maintenance is a breeze. For instructions on creating your own, check out the article “Try This: How to Make a Terrarium.”

Indoor Fairy Garden

Photo By Melissa/Courtesy The Inspired Room

This cute little container garden from the blog The Inspired Room was partly inspired by fairy gardens and partly inspired by blogger Melissa’s love of creeping plants. Check out the post for more details on how it was created.

Window Herb Garden

Photo By JillM

If you want to enjoy the delights of a culinary herb garden but don’t have the windowsill space to host one, check out this hanging Window Herb Garden project from blogger JillM. Made from ordinary objects such as a shower curtain rod and S-hooks, this DIY project is easy enough for even a novice to put together!

Hanging Gutter Garden

Photo By Jayme Jenkins/Courtesy aHa! Home and Garden

Hanging gardens can also work outdoors. Gardening in containers is great for apartment dwellers or those without a yard, but containers take up precious square footage, which can be a problem if you want to use your balcony for anything other than gardening. This Hanging Gutter Garden project from aHa! Home and Garden will allow you to grow your edibles while still leaving space to hang out outdoors.

Pallet Planter

Photo By Fern/Courtesy Life on the Balcony

If you’ve been on Pinterest, you’ve most likely seen this project. All you need to create this beautiful DIY vertical garden is an old shipping pallet, potting soil, seeds, landscape fabric to cover the sides and back, and enough patience to let the plants take root before displaying or hanging the planter! Check out blogger Fern’s full instructions over on her blog Life on the Balcony.

Recycled Wine Barrel Planter

Photo By Centsational Girl

If you’re looking for a more complex project to challenge your DIY skills, check out this Recycled Wine Barrel Planter from Centsational Girl. Inspired by a $300 wine barrel planter she saw in a catalog, blogger Kate Riley set out to create her own for much, much less and created this project in the process.

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