Herbal Travels: Well-Sweep Herb Farm

| 12/7/2010 2:28:29 PM

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The Herbal Husband and I took a road trip down east of Pittsburgh. I dropped him off at his favorite toy show in Allentown and I headed east to Port Murray, New Jersey and Well-Sweep Herb Farm. Cyrus and Louise Hyde began their herbal adventure 41 years ago in the beautiful mountainous area of Warren County, New Jersey. Cy is a passionate collector of herbs and his passion shines through at Well-Sweep.

The Well-Sweep Herb Farm gets its name from an old faming impement.
Photo by Nancy Heraud

The farm gets its name from the well-sweep, which is an old farming implement. In the old days, a family depended on hand-drawn well water to fill its drinking and bathing needs. A tall, sturdy tree is used as the base of a well-sweep. It must be y-shaped at one end. A second longer tree, the "sweep," is placed in the "y" of the base at an angle to the well, forming a lever. By using the sweep, even children could help with the water-fetching chores. In the photo, the "y" is to the right and the sweep is off to the side of the well. I am sure it was put to good use in its day. 

As you know by now, I try to work on my garden design in the off-season. Now that the snow has started in southwestern Pennsylvania, the herbal light bulb has gone on for me with The Herb Companion's article Colonial Williamsburg and the garden plans for a colonial garden. I am thinking of renovating our front garden, which has gotten a little wild!

I'm planning how to organize my front garden with inspiration from Well-Sweep.
Photo by Nancy Heraud