Herbal Travels: Herbal Peruvian Clinic & Botanical Garden

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We continued our tour of Chaclacayo and literally stumbled into an herbal clinic and botanical garden in a residential neighborhood. It was called the Instituto Peruano de Investigacion Fitoterapica Andina, founded in 1983 by a Polish priest. It is a private, non-profit, scientific medical, health care and promotional association. It had a walled garden and was very secluded and peaceful. 

We had a little tour of the grounds. There were various animals around the grounds, including a tortoise, monkeys, birds, guinea pigs and rabbits.

My Spanish is unfortunately only the bad words, and fortunately, she didn’t use any of them! I did understand some of the tour though. There were rooms that were right in the garden for the consultations and treatments.

No wonder  people returned regularly to this beautiful spot. Our guide told us that they treated many diseases, including cancer. All of the herbs were labeled and some were recognizable, including, rosemary, fennel, comfrey and salvia.

A tiny part of me was hoping I could get a treatment of some kind while I was there. We were lucky to see this true herbal paradise!

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