An Herbal Dream Come True

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When I got the opportunity to guest blog for The Herb Companion magazine two years ago, I thought I had reached an herbal dream. Now I have been given the opportunity to have my own blog on the Herb Companion blogsite. I’m very excited and look forward to this new challenge with great herbal excitement.

I consider myself an herb channeler, meaning I try to find the most interesting herbal ideas and places for you, the readers.  I have always enjoyed the search, herbally speaking.  So I hope you will continue to inspire me with your comments and questions.

I wrote about this Christmas shop for herb lovers at Well Sweep in December 2010.
Photo by Nancy Heraud

I look forward to providing you with herbal shops and farms to visit both, like Well Sweep Herb Farm in New Jersey. (Read Herbal Travels: Well Sweep Herb Farm.) 

I introduced you to Jekka McVicar’s farm in Bristol, England in September 2010. 
Photo by Nancy Heraud

Or like when I visited Jekka McVicar’s herb farm outside Bristol, England. (Read Meet Jekka McVicar: Queen of the Herbs.) 

I showcased my favorite Pineapple Sage Jelly recipe in October 2009.
Photo by Nancy Heraud  

Also, I will continue to give you my favorite herbal recipes, like my Pineapple Sage Jelly.

I found this quote just recently in a cookbook from 1975 by Irma Goodrich Mazza called Herbs for the Kitchen. A gourmet said “Flavor is the soul of food and Irma added that herbs are the soul of flavor.” Herbs add that depth of flavor to food like nothing else.

I showed you what the four-lined plant bug did to my precious oregano in May 2010.
Photo by Nancy Heraud

Most importantly, I get to talk about what’s going on in my herb garden in southwestern Pennsylvania, like my least favorite pest of herbs, the four-lined plant bug, and give you solutions to manage them. (Read Herbal Pests: The Four-Lined Plant Bug.)

So join me in my continuing herbal adventures. Stop by my blog once in a while and hopefully we will enjoy the herbal journey together.

My herb garden in 2010.
Photo by Nancy Heraud 

If you have herb questions, please feel free to leave me a comment or e-mail me at I love your comments and questions. Talk to you soon.

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