Wedding Dishware: Biodegradable Cups, Sustainable Disposable Plates

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Hello! My most recent tasks surrounding wedding planning revolve around the thrilling world of cups and plates. I am planning to rent utensils, which is the most eco-friendly option, in my opinion. But without a bunch of staff on hand, and with an outdoor wedding, I simply can’t have hundreds of dirty, heavy ceramic plates to deal with. But I also don’t want chemical plastic plates or nasty Styrofoam ones. Luckily, a number of bamboo plates on the market are attractive and affordable. Though they are disposable, bamboo plates are both made with a rapidly renewable resource and they are biodegradable. I thought cups might be harder to find, but these biodegradable, natural resource ones seem pretty good. I know there are issues with non-food corn use, and I definitely have qualms with corn fuels and plastics, but this is better than the conventional plastic alternative.

Here are some resources I’ve found. Send me yours!

Biodegradable cups

Bamboo plates

This site has a lot of great deals on bamboo servingware and others…

More bamboo plates

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