Natural Soap for Healthy Skin: Purple Prairie Botanicals Orange and Tea Tree Facial Toning Bar

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My skin has never been one of my best assets. After years of battling it during high school and college, my skin finally stabilized in early adulthood. Even at that, however, my complexion was nothing to brag about. Having long ago given up the dream of achieving that luminescent skin tone that every other woman seems to have, I decided to settle for reasonably managed breakouts.

This was before I discovered Purple Prairie Botanicals Orange and Tea Tree Toning Facial Bar.

Having never been a fan of bar soap, especially when it comes to facial skin, I was skeptical about how this soap would affect my complexion. Turns out, I was in for a pleasant surprise. Tea tree oil’s natural antibacterial properties kill off the bacteria responsible for acne (even adult acne!), and ylang ylang essential oil balances both oily and dry skin types, leaving healthy, hydrated skin behind. The Orange and Tea Tree Toning Facial Bar also contains orange essential oil and orange peel powder, which not only fight bacteria but contains antioxidants for keeping skin youthful. All of this is contained in a base of organic olive oil, palm oil and coconut oil to nourish your skin.

Purple Prairie Botanicals Orange and Tea Tree Facial Toning Bar combines the bacteria-fighting power of tea tree and orange essential oil with the skin-balancing power of ylang ylang essential oil for a product that promotes healthy, glowing skin. Photo Courtesy Purple Prairie Botanicals.

Purple Prairie Botanicals Orange and Tea Tree Toning Facial Bar does just what it says: tones skin. I don’t believe in “magic products,” so I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s a miracle worker, but after several months of using this soap, I noticed a definite change in my skin. Not only was it consistently clearer with fewer breakouts, but my skin even started to take on a little bit of that glow that I had envied in other women. Best of all, at only $4 a bar, this facial soap is inexpensive!

Purple Prairie Botanicals hand-makes its products in small batches from its home in Clearwater, Minnesota. While the company doesn’t have USDA organic certification, Purple Prairie Botanicals uses organic ingredients in its products. It does not, however, ever use petroleum products, parabens, synthetic dyes, artificial preservatives, animal ingredients, detergents, sulfates or genetically modified organisms in its products.

Bar soaps are only a small part of the company’s product line. Visit Purple Prairie Botanicals online to check out their full range of products, from bar soaps and sunscreen to aromatherapy sprays and soy candles.

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