Longevity Elixir Recipe

Boost energy, immunity and overall wellness with this longevity-promoting herbal elixir.

| November/December 2015

This herbal tonic builds strength and vitality. Although it can be used by both sexes, it was formulated specifically for men. You can use different herbs with other health benefits, different proportions and even different flavoring agents—I’ve never followed the exact recipe twice myself. For each quart of tincture, use two good-sized, high-quality ginseng roots, or whatever you can afford. This strong herbal tonic will taste like a rich liqueur and is excellent for you. Serve it in a fine little goblet and sip it as an aperitif.

Longevity Elixir Recipe

• 2 parts damiana leaf
• 2 parts fo-ti
• 2 parts ginger root
• 2 parts licorice
• 2 parts sassafras root bark
• 1 part astragalus
• 1 part Chinese star anise
• 1⁄4 part saw palmetto berries
• Asian ginseng roots (2 per quart of elixir)
• Brandy
• Black cherry concentrate

1. Place herbs in a wide-mouth glass jar and cover with a good-quality brandy. Seal with a tight-fitting lid and let sit for 6 to 8 weeks—the longer the better.

2. Strain, discard herbs and reserve liquid. To each cup of liquid, add 1⁄2 cup black cherry concentrate. Be sure this is fruit concentrate, not fruit juice, and do not add more than 1⁄2 cup per cup of tincture. Shake well and rebottle. I often put the whole ginseng roots back into the tincture, but they also can be sliced first. A standard daily dose is about 1⁄8 cup.

Note: Damiana is not recommended for diabetics; pregnant or nursing women; or within two weeks of surgery. Fo-ti is not recommended for children; pregnant or nursing women; diabetics; those with liver disease; or within two weeks of surgery.

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