Homemade Anti-Acne Pads

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Homemade Anti-Acne Pads

Dealing with acne can be a literal pain. To make things worse, most store-bought remedies are extremely harsh. But, containing all-natural ingredients, these inexpensive anti-acne pads are a gentle yet powerful homemade solution.

July / August 2018
By Kirsten Nunez

Supplies Needed

• 2 airtight glass jars
• 1 cup alcohol-free witch hazel
• 1/2 cup dried calendula flowers
• 20 to 30 drops essential oils of choice
• Organic cotton rounds

Let’s Begin

1. In a clean jar, combine witch hazel and dried calendula flowers. You may use more or less of either ingredient depending on how many acne pads you want to make or how saturated you’d like the witch hazel. Mix until all of the flowers are covered with witch hazel.

2. Tightly cover the jar with an airtight lid. Store in a dry, dark place for at least a week for the strongest infusion. 

3. After a week has passed, strain the calendula-infused witch hazel into a bowl. You can toss the spent calendula blossoms on your compost pile to get a little more use out of them.

4. Add 20 to 30 drops of acne-fighting, antibacterial essential oils. Tea tree or lavender oils will bring antimicrobial benefits, an absolute must for fighting pimples. Other lovely options include clary sage and oregano. Whichever you choose, mix well.

Note: Tea tree oil is extremely strong. To avoid irritation, use oil in combination with other essential oils, especially if it is your first time using it.

5. Fill a small, clean canning jar with a stack of cotton rounds. Pour in enough infused witch hazel to cover them, and firmly press down the cotton rounds as far as they can go. Add a few more rounds, pour more witch hazel, and repeat until the jar is packed tight.

6. To use, swipe a pad across your face or body. Although these are less likely than commercial options to leave a stinging sensation on your skin, be extra careful around the eyes and open wounds.

Kirsten Nunez is a New York-based lifestyle journalist and author with a focus on health, crafts, and food. Since 2010, she has shared tutorials on her DIY blog,www.WildAmor.com. Want to say hello or talk about plants and crafts? Reach out on Instagram or Twitter at @kirsten_nunez.

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