Fresh Finds: Treat Yourself and Natural Sparkle: Pangea Organics, Benedetta, Seventh Generation

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Michelle Galins

Designed to clean clothes without leaving residues, Seventh Generation’s Sensitive Care Laundry Liquid is great for sensitive skin or delicate fabrics. Seventh Generation products contain no toxins, enzymes, dyes or fragrances. 50-ounce bottle: $8. (802) 658-3773.

Herb Cottage by the Sea‘s nontoxic, nourishing wood oils seep deep into furniture to restore, enhance and protect wood surfaces. Available in Lavenderwood, Country Rose or Rosemary and Rose scent. 8-ounce bottle: $10. (808) 965-2004.

Clear the air with Nature Alone’sNatural Room Spray, formulated from all-natural essential oils with antifungal and antibacterial properties. Varieties include Lemongrass and Lemon; Bergamot, Lemon and Eucalyptus; Ylang Ylang and Lavender; and Lemon Basil. 4-ounce bottle: $10. (646) 335-5143.

Shine up your kitchen appliances with Howard NaturalsStainless Steel Cleaner and Polish. Made from vegetable-derived ingredients, it’s nontoxic, safe for food-handling areas, and includes no petroleum distillates or silicone oils. Scented varieties use only pure essential oils. 12-ounce bottle: $10. (800) 266-9545.

Surya Henna‘s Amazonia Preciosa line of shampoos and conditioners is formulated with nutrient-rich botanical oils that are sustainably collected from the Amazonian rainforest. The company employs local people, who make a living from the forest without degrading it. 10.4-ounce shampoo: $13. (877) 997-9792.

Benedetta‘s Sacred Soap is made by a women’s cooperative in Togo, Africa, that follows organic standards and fair trade guidelines. This body wash–scented with organic essential oils of rosemary, lemon and lemongrass–contains pure palm-kernel oil, unrefined shea butter, ash from plantain leaves and the bark of the local agow tree. 12-ounce bottle: $20. (888) 868-8331.

Pangea Organics’toner for delicate facial skin contains nourishing herbal extracts that help eliminate environmental toxins. Italian Green Mandarin with Sweet Lime refreshes normal skin–or try formulations for oily or dry skin. 4-ounce bottle: $14. (877) 679-5854.

Let a bath of Bonicca‘s Spa Botanical Mineral Salts soak away frazzled nerves and tense muscles. The therapeutic blend of Dead Sea and mineral salts is infused with skin-softening aloe, calming chamomile and passionflower, and muscle-soothing arnica. Available in 10 scents. 8-ounce jar: $18. (866) 855-2111.

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