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Pure and simple is the best possible description for Eco-Lips natural lip balm. Organic oils, beeswax, limited packaging–sold.

But the story behind these balms is a little more complex.

Eco-Lips is made in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the site of a huge, historic flood in June 2008. It seems so small to think that saving lip balms was a concern to anybody, but for founder Steve Shriver, Eco-Lips is his livelihood. 

“When we heard the flood was coming, although we didn’t ever imagine it to get as bad as it did, we removed any “sensitive” materials including product from our warehouse,” Shriver says. “This included raw materials and over 100,000 units of finished lip balm. This was purely a quality control measure to make sure none of our product was tainted by flood water.”

For a person like me who has a countless number of natural lip balms, gauging the sheer madness that saving 100,000 natural lip balms had to have been blows my mind.

Luckily, the company is running smoothly now and “the saving of Eco-Lips” was not as terrible as it could have been.

If you want to support Eco-Lips (and keep your lips soft and smooth), try the Pure & Simple line, which has purely the basics–organics and fruit. I take kiwi-strawberry on an Eco-Lips keychain balm holder everywhere I go.

If not for your lips, then for support of a local company that is rebuilding during hardship.

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