Masculine Scents: Essential Oil Blends for Men

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Mix one part cedar wood oil with three parts lemongrass oil for a masculine essential oil blend to use in homemade body-care products for the man in your life.

If you plan to use essential oil in air freshener, potpourri or bath salts for your fellow, Jenny particularly recommends any of these masculine scents.

3 Masculine Scents

• One part patchouli to one part lavender
• Three parts lemongrass to one part cedar wood
• One part patchouli, one part lavender and one part oak moss

“You can obtain oak moss as an essential oil, but it’s quite expensive,” she says. “It’s one of the few fragrances you can obtain as a pretty respectable synthetic, and that’s what I use.”

How to Use Essential Oil Blends

To test one of these combinations on plain scent candles, just drip one drop of essential oil on the wax that pools around the wick after it’s been burning for a minute or two and see if it suits you.

It takes pounds and pounds of fresh herbs to make most essential oils, so it’s impractical for home gardeners to make their own. But, along with bergamot and clary sage, you can grow balsam firs, pine needles, patchouli and sweet woodruff to add to potpourri for men and even scented sachets (yes, sachets. This is the 21st century, after all, make them from burlap if it will make you feel better).

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