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Creating DIY floral or herbal waters is a fun way to fashion a perfect beginning to any season. Depending on the ingredients you select you can make a relaxing, sporty, or even invigorating scent that can pamper your skin and elevate your mood. Blends can be a medium to bring us back to ourselves; mind, body, and spirit. The best part of this herbal project is how simple floral and herbal waters are to create!

One simple method involves placing dry, fresh, or a combination of floral-herbal ingredients in a glass jar that has a tight lid. Never prepare the blend using metallic containers or utensils. Fill the jar, enough to cover the dry ingredients, with your choice of vodka, rum, or boiled, chlorine free (bottled spring or distilled) water. Cover tightly and place in a cool, dark place. Shake the jar daily for one to six weeks, at which time strain out the wet, botanical ingredients and store the liquid in a spritz bottle or clean, glass container.

If impatient or you want a heavier scent simply pour boiling water over the botanicals and steep until the liquid is cool. Strain off the ingredients and add your choice of essential oils, preferably organic, to the liquid. Shake and it is ready for use. Adding a splash of Witch Hazel will hold the scent slightly longer.

Bottled waters should be stored in the refrigerator after completed and best used within a week or two. Remember to shake before each use as the contents will naturally separate.

Tried and true combination floral/herbal waters:

  • Lavender absolute calms the spirit. Try blending with rose petals and jasmine, chamomile or basil for a romantic, sweet spray.
  • Lemon, lime, bergamot, peppermint, rosemary, or sweet orange can bring a sunny disposition to any day.
  • For an earthy, warm, spicy feel try vanilla, cinnamon stick, clove, or vanilla bean, with possible sandalwood or bay leaves.

Use as you choose:

  • Use rosewater and lavender waters as facial toners.
  • Mix a few tablespoons of floral water with equal amounts of whole milk. Sprinkle a small amount of baking soda into the mix and make a facial paste. Massage the skin and then rinse.
  • Stir a tablespoon or more into your favorite non-fragrance cream for a body lotion.
  • Floral-herbal waters can also be used when meditating. Place a few tablespoons in a bowl. The fragrance will rise, creating an atmosphere of peace and reflection; allowing the scents to calm the mind and slow the breathing.

Reminder-It is best to test your waters on the inner arm before using liberally on the body or in bathwater to ward against an allergic reaction.

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