The Hunt for an Eco-Friendly Wedding Dress

After nailing down our location and finding local flowers, my latest focus has been on finding the perfect eco-friendly wedding dress. Shopping for wedding dresses is one of the most fun parts of planning a wedding (at least for anyone who likes to shop like I do), and I’ve been enjoying checking out a number of different types of options. I’m on a fairly limited budget, but luckily I am also open to a broad array of options. I’ve found a few I’m interested in pursuing. One fantastic resource I found is a site that offers hundreds of gorgeous reused wedding dresses: This site is amazing–designer dresses for literally 75 percent off in some cases! It’s also light on the environment to reuse.

I’ve also been looking into a few places that will design a dress for you using whatever materials you want. I found this Kansas City custom dress maker via her Etsy siteEtsy–an online marketplace where artisans sell handcrafted items–is also a fantastic resource to search for dresses, veils or other items, especially if you’re looking for something very unique. I’m planning to get these wedding cake toppers I found there. I’m also looking at some more traditional dresses available through eco-friendly designers. Adele Wechsler offers absolutely beautiful eco-friendly gowns and I’m trying to track down some locations to try on some of her styles.

Please give me any other tips you might have for finding an eco-friendly dress, and I will keep you updated as my hunt continues.

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