True Natural Introduces Rose Anti-Aging System

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True Natural expands their anti-aging lineup with the highly effective, all new Rose Anti-Aging system, providing dry and mature skin with the best care possible. Rose naturally calms and balances your skin. The Rose System features Silver Essence and Evening Primrose Oil which is nourishing, balancing, and helps treat specific skin conditions. The Rose System is completely natural and gluten-free!

Completely free from harsh chemicals and artificial additives, True Natural is committed to the strictest ingredient standards and is manufactured in Germany based on alchemistic, spagyric principles, where the entire essence (not just the essential oils) of plants, gem stones and precious metals are extracted to become effective ingredients for True Natural formulas.

Where traditional methods capture only the essential oils of plants and discards the remaining material, spagyric techniques extracts ALL the medicinal properties. After extracting the essential oils, the remaining material is fermented to obtain the alcohol extract, the salts collected from the ash, and all three recombined into one tincture that represents the plant’s entire life essence. These techniques are also utilized to extract the positive energies and healing properties from precious metals, crystals and gems.

Key Active Ingredients:

Argan Oil – A powerful antioxidant with high natural contents of “beautiful skin must have” ingredients such as: vitamin E, phenols and carotenes

Cactus Seed Oil – extremely high levels of phytosterols, tocopherols (natural vitamin E) and polyunsaturated essential fatty acids (mostly omega-6s) together make Cactus seed oil highly nutritive, emollient, protective, regenerative and toning to the skin. Its nutrients penetrate rapidly and deeply into the deepest layers of the epidermis, providing a highly regenerating effect.

Macadamia Nut Oil – High contents of unsaturated fatty acids, deeply nourishing and moisturizing

Pomegranate Oil – Strong anti-oxidant properties

Rose Essential Oil – Relaxing, soothing and supports cell renewal

Spagyric Rose Quarz Essence – Supports new beginnings, stone that supports sense of love and security

Spagyric Silver Essence – Balancing and relaxing properties

Spagyric Wild Rose Essence – Balancing, nourishing and moisturizing

Rose System Lineup:

The following 5 items make up the True Natural Rose Anti-Aging System for Dry & Mature Skin.

Cleansing Milk Rose Dry & Mature Skin ($35.00)
Gently remove dirt, excess oils and impurities from your pores with this cleansing milk and Makeup remover.

Toner Rose, Dry & Mature Skin ($35.00)
The perfect follow-up after you cleanse your complexion. The Rose Toner balances your skin before you apply moisture to your skin.

Day Cream Rose, Dry & Mature Skin ($45.00)
Keep your gorgeous skin moisturized and glowing throughout the day! This day cream keeps your face calm and balanced all day long.

Night Cream Rose, Dry & Mature Skin ($49.00)
Restore moisture levels over night. Let the Rose Night Cream freshen your face and smooth out your complexion while you slumber. Get the most out of your beauty sleep!

Eye Serum Silver Rose, Dry & Mature Skin ($75.00)
Say goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles. The Silver Rose Eye Serum takes care of puffy, tired eyes, while helping to smooth out lines and wrinkles.

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