Kirei Introduces Windfall, a New Line of Reclaimed Wood Engineered Panels

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Start with old granaries and breweries destined for the scrap heap, add a little restorative magic, and Kirei is proud to present Windfall, their new line of designer reclaimed wood engineered panels.

Manufactured in partnership with Windfall Lumber of Tumwater, Washington, the Windfall reclaimed wood engineered panels are Douglas Fir and Hemlock Fir raw material harvested from demolition sites in the Pacific Northwest, and given new life as decorative panels for interior design.

From the raw beams brought into the factory, the vivid natural wood grain patterns of the old-growth wood is reborn in laminated strip construction and a variety of stain and finish options are available to give this reclaimed material new life as wall paneling, signage, retail displays, and more. The uniform construction combines with the natural variation of the wood to create a look that can be modern, rustic or somewhere in between.

BEAUTY REBORN + Green Building credits

Made in the USA, Kirei Windfall Engineered Panels are manufactured from reclaimed lumber from industrial demolition sites using recycled materials and low-emissions adhesives, reducing harmful emissions into the indoor atmosphere. Kirei Windfall Engineered panels help reduce forest clear-cutting, air pollution and landfill use. The reclaimed Douglas and Hemlock Fir used in the manufacture of Kirei Windfall Engineered panels replace virgin wood and would otherwise be sent to sit in a landfill. Kirei Windfall panels can contribute to LEED and other green building credits for Reclaimed/recycled content, Certified wood, Indoor Air Quality and the Regional Materials credit for projects within a 500-mile radius of the manufacturing facility.

Windfall’s versatility is found in the range of possible finishes – panels come Unfinished, with a Clear coat that shows off the natural grain, or stained and prefinished in Anthracite, Mocha, Ivory and Leather colors. Used together or separately, the finishes of the Windfall Collection provide exciting new options for creating stunning spaces. Panel sizes are available in 27″x96″ (solid) 48″x96″ (3-ply with NAUF/FSC core), with a ¾” panel thickness.

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