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The FruitGuys deliver locally grown fresh fruit to offices and schools nationwide.

The FruitGuys deliver fresh fruit, purchased from local farmers when available, to offices and schools nationwide.

The perfectly ripe fruit comes packaged in eco-friendly boxes made from 75 to 100 percent post-consumer recycled cardboard (cardboard that has already been used and returned through a recycling program.) The FruitGuys use soy-based inks to label the boxes. The company only picks up the boxes for reuse in the San Francisco Bay area (where it’s headquartered), but the boxes are designed for reuse as file storage.

The FruitGuys offer three different fruit crate options that serve either 25 or 50 people. The Harvest Flyer crate contains the widest variety of seasonal fruit including apples, oranges, pears, peaches, grapes, kiwi, blood oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, bananas, apricots, plums and tangerines. The Organic crate contains a seasonal mix of fruit similar to the Harvest Flyer, but all of it is certified organic. The Staples crate offers a mixture of bananas, oranges and apples. The FruitGuys offer different varieties of apples and citrus fruits every week for this crate.

To serve 50 people, the Harvest Flyer costs $74, the Organic costs $84 and the Staples costs $64. To serve 25 people, the Harvest Flyer costs $37, the Organic costs $42 and the Staples costs $32.

Call 1-877-378-4863 to order or visit The FruitsGuys website.

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