Fresh Finds: Natural Spa at Home: John Masters Organics, Giovanni Cosmetics and Burt’s Bees

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Natural beauty goodies from Pacifica, John Masters, Giovanni, Juice Beauty and WoodSprite.
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Natural beauty goodies from Naturopathica, EO, Burt's Bees, Stella McCartney, Elsie's Original and Bubble and Bee.

The tempting floral and spice scent of Pacifica’s phthalate-free Tuscan Blood Orange Perfume comes from citrus essential oils with hints of strawberry and raspberry. 1.2-ounce bottle: $20. (866) 337-7100.

Mandarin orange and red ginseng extract in Nude’s Miracle Mask help revitalize skin for a healthy glow. The recycled-plastic packaging looks chic in your powder room. 1.4-ounce bottle: $70. Available through Barney’s.

Reformulated with refreshing organic essential oils, John Masters Organics lavender rosemary shampoo is free of sodium laureth sulfates and is safe for color-treated hair. 8-ounce bottle: $16. (800) 599-2450.

With organic evening primrose oil, juices and vitamins A and E, Juice Beauty’s Antioxidant Serum smoothes fine lines. 2-ounce bottle: $45.

Giovanni’s Hazelnut Vanilla triple-milled Bathe Body Bar moisturizes and leaves a soft vanilla scent. 5.3-ounce bar: $5. Available through Whole Foods and

Grapefruit-Mint Enchanted Herbal Spa Salts from WoodSprite Organic Body Blend Dead Sea Salts, organic citrus peels and essential oils and come with a washable muslin bag for infusing your bath or hot tub. 18-ounce jar (recycled glass): $25. (877) 348-1710.

EO’s moisturizing Rose Geranium and Citrus Hand Soap blends organic herbs and white tea with a coconut cleansing complex. Contains no sodium lauryl or laureth sulfates; five other scents available. 12-ounce bottle: $8. (800) 570-3775.

Hydrate and tone your face with Naturopathica‘s lavender and honey Plant Milk Mist. Rose geranium and rosemary lemon mists are also available. 4-ounce spray: $28. (800) 592-7995;

Bubble & Bee Organic’s Karma Apple Lip Balm–a mix of beeswax, cocoa butter, natural oils, and green-apple and brown-sugar flavors–makes lips more kissable. Tube (0.15 ounces): $4.

Nourish hands and moisturize cuticles with beeswax and pumpkin-seed oil in Burt’s Bees Miracle Salve, which contains no parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate or petrolatum. 2-ounce tin: $7. (866) 422-8787.

Stella McCartney’s 5 Benefits Moisturizing cream offers organic grapeseed oil and white mallow extract for moisture–along with botanical antioxidants for vibrant skin. 1.6-ounce bottle: $76. Available through Sephora.

Saturated with lavender and chamomile, Elsie’s Original Cleansing Wipes gently remove dirt and makeup–without water. Box of 35 wipes: $8. (310) 854-9443. Wallace

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