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Just Bare Chicken products are made without antibiotics and added hormones. The products come in a recyclable package.

Just Bare Chicken is simply that: just chicken. Just Bare Chicken honors the health of the earth with a lighter footprint and the health of our bodies with its lack of added hormones and antibiotics. The chickens raised for Just Bare Chicken come from family farms in Minnesota, and each package of chicken comes with a three-digit family farm code. Use the farm code to trace your chicken back to the farm where it was raised and, depending on the farmer, learn some basic facts about that farm. 

Here’s a closer look at some of Just Bare Chicken’s natural qualities: 

No cages

While the chickens aren’t raised free-range, they’re certainly not kept in cages. The chickens live in modern, climate-controlled barns with strict bio-security plans where they are free to roam around, eat and drink at will and interact with other chickens. Just Bare Chicken farmers provide the right amount of light and darkness to simulate natural conditions. Living in the barn protects the chickens from environmental hazards, such as avian flu, and stress. 

No hormones and antibiotics

No hormone or steroid has ever been approved by the USDA or FDA for use in poultry. For this reason, Just Bare Chicken products are made without hormones or steroids. The chickens are also never given antibiotics at any point in their life. While there is controversy in the scientific community over whether antibiotic residue in meat leads to antibiotic resistance in humans, many consumers prefer to buy meat from animals that were never given antibiotics. Just Bare Chicken has committed to eliminating antibiotics in its chickens. 

No added ingredients

Just Bare Chicken does not include any additional ingredients, including salt, water, seaweed extract or other binding agents and preservatives. Enhanced chicken can contain up to 330 milligrams of sodium per serving, but Just Bare Chicken has only 75 milligrams of sodium per serving. 

Just Bare Chicken sells chicken breast fillets, breast tenders, thighs, drumsticks and whole chickens. Except for the whole chickens, all Just Bare Chicken products come in a recyclable package.

Just Bare Chicken is available nationwide at stores and online grocers such as Hy-Vee, SuperTarget and Cash Wise Foods. Visit Just Bare Chicken’s website for recipes and detailed information on how the chickens are raised, food safety concerns and nutrition facts. 

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