Herbal Crafts for Kids: Make Herbal Faerie Dust

By Deb
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Deb’s family owns a small herb farm and herbal skin care business in Porterfield, Wisconsin. It is there that they play and work with herbs on a daily basis. Deb is a Master Gardener Volunteer, organizer of a local herb group, and a teaches herb-related and soap-making classes for a local technical college, folk school, and right on the farm. (www.petermanbrookherbfarm.com

We recently hosted a Charitable Faerie Fest on our farm and one of the hits with the children was the handcrafted Herbal Faerie Dust. This is something that can be made with very young children, little money, and herbs that can be grown at home.

Here is a list of items needed:

• A combination of sugar, powdered sugar, cornstarch, or white clay
• Food coloring (optional–we left ours white so as not to stain pretty little faerie dresses)
• Skin-safe glitter or mica powder
• Essential oils such as lavender, rose, geranium, lemongrass, etc. (optional)
• Bottle with a small opening and a cork or cover
• Pretty ribbon and label (optional)

Faerie Dust. Photo by Deb Doubek

Faerie Dust Instructions

1. The white powders and sugars can be mixed in any combination. 

2. Add skin-safe glitter or mica powder to give it a magical sheen.

3. Grind scented herbs, such as lavender, rose petals or lemony herbs like lemon verbena.   

4. Make your mix so 1/4 of the mixture is herbs. 

5. Add food coloring and essential oil if desired; mix well.

6. Label your Faerie Dust with your child’s name or after their favorite faerie name. 

Be sure to tell the children not to sprinkle the Faerie Dust into the eyes of other children and do not allow them to ingest the dust.

Talk to your children about folklore and connection between herbs, flowers, and faeries. Have them cite a faerie pledge or give them a faerie name to go with their newfound interest in faeries. Their personalized faerie dust will help stimulate their imagination and make them believers!

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