Cystic Acne and the Hidden Cause

After trying numerous types of acne medication, follow Melissa Gallico on her journey to find the root cause of her cystic acne and the changes she made in her life after the discovery.

| June 2018

The Hidden Cause of Acne (Healing Arts Press, 2018) by Melissa Gallico, can help readers facing cystic acne issues. Find out if health issues you may be facing are from toxic water. Learn more about Gallico’s journey with toxic water and the health issues she has faced. Find this excerpt in Chapter 4, “Stopping Breakouts Before They Start.”  

As millions of American adults can attest from personal experience, acne is no longer exclusively known as a rite of passage for teenagers. Well into my thirties, I continued to develop deep cystic welts around my mouth, along my jawline, forehead, down the front and back of my neck, and even inside my ears. I could feel each breakout forming a week before it came to the surface, erupting in a tender white volcano that took another two weeks to heal.

After becoming frustrated with conventional creams and medications, I turned to alternative treatments to heal my skin. I used apple cider vinegar as a toner and coconut oil as a moisturizer. I coated my face in clay. I took evening primrose oil and probiotics. I went for acupuncture. I did yoga. Nothing seemed to help.

One night in my mid-thirties, my acne was bothering me so much I couldn’t sleep. I wandered downstairs to the refrigerator, desperate for relief. Lying on the couch, I gently painted my skin with yogurt. Its coldness was the only comfort I could think of for the mass of inflammation formerly known as my face. Acne was driving me mad. Why after all these years was I still struggling with acne? Why do I have acne even though I take meticulous care of my skin? How do people who eat nothing but junk food not have acne, but I do? I could not figure it out. I was defeated. Yogurt tears dripped down my face.

I decided to consult a lymph drainage specialist to see if it would help with my acne. I was fortunate to live near the Upledger Institute, one of the preeminent facilities in the world for Lymph Drainage Therapy, a light-touch therapy created by French physician Bruno Chikly. The therapist I consulted, Mya Breman, studied closely with Dr. Chikly and was a longtime practitioner at Upledger.

After each session with Mya, I noticed immediate improvement. The redness and swelling decreased overnight. Existing blemishes healed at an astounding rate. But within two to three days, my skin would return to its normal distressed state. After a few weeks of treatment, Mya suggested I take a break from our sessions until I could figure out what was causing the breakouts in the first place. Mya is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and at our last session, she decided to make use of her psychotherapy training to help me get to the root of the problem.

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