Habit Trackers and Health and Wellness Journal

Use a healthy eating guide and fitness tracker to record your personal health and wellness. Keep track of your eating habits as well as your energy levels for the month.

| May 2018


Beyond Bullets (Ulysses Press, 2017) by Megan Rutell, is for anyone who likes bullet journaling. Rutell has found new and creative ways to use all of the pages of your journal. Find out what else you could be adding to your journal from all of the great ideas and photos that Rutell has shared.

Tables, Task Charts, & Habit Trackers

One of the most exciting things about journaling is seeing your life on paper. It gives form to your hopes, goals, and experiences. Contemporary journalists do not document everything for the sake of documenting; they want to make sense of it all.

The graphic representations in this section can help you unravel all the life data you collect in your journal. Armed with a deeper understanding of your behavior patterns, you can make meaningful change toward even your loftiest goals. Plus, journal users have a way of dressing up their charts to make them fun. Far from boring, these are vibrant and exciting ways to stay organized!

Habit Trackers


Habit trackers are extremely popular in the paper planning world. They give a snapshot of individual behaviors or tasks. Many people also find this process keeps them motivated to establish new healthy habits or break destructive cycles.

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