Biodegradable Wedding Reception

So, I was thinking the other day, and I believe that, thanks to the wonderful products from Bambu Home, Bright Sun Candles and Ellie’s Eco Home Store, virtually all the waste generated from our wedding reception will be biodegradable. I tried to avoid disposables altogether, choosing reusable flatware, vintage glassware and other reusable decor items, etc. We’ve rented as much as possible, something I consider inherently green.

Bambu’s organic bamboo “All Occasion Veneerware” arrived in my office about a week ago. Not only are the plates eco-friendly, they are absolutely gorgeous! They look nice in their photos online, but I was just amazed at their high quality when they arrived. And I was shocked at the value. You can buy 100 9-inch plates for about $80. They are THE best solution I could imagine. We couldn’t deal with glass or ceramic plates at our country venue, especially without the luxury of a large wedding staff to clear dishes. But I didn’t want plastic disposables. These plates look as nice as real plates would, and they are extremely sturdy. Their gorgeous grain and color will fit in perfectly with the aesthetics of our wedding, and they are very reasonably priced. I know, I’m gushing about bamboo plates. It’s wedding mania, folks.  

Next, soy candles! The wonderful people at Bright Sun Candles (who I got in contact with through this blog) were nice enough to custom create some soy tealights in Pacific Mint for the event. They smell absolutely wonderful. In fact, the box of them is scenting my entire home right now as they lie in wait for the big day.

Finally, fab biodegradable cups from Ellie’s Eco Home Store! We rented reusable champagne glasses, but I didn’t think we could manage water, beer and wine glasses. Luckily, these great glasses provide an eco alternative.

I don’t believe much more waste will be coming out of this event. We will have to recycle the wine bottles. The keg will be reused by its local supplier.

I feel great about creating an almost-entirely-biodegradable event, and I was surprised how simple it actually was. Check out these great companies for your event, or post other options here. Soon, I will have pictures from the actual event up here!

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