Natural Pesticides: Herb and Soap Ant-Repellent Spray

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Control ants in your garden with this Herb and Soap Ant-Repellent Spray.

Ants herd aphids, mealybugs and scale, acting as hosts so they can harvest the other insects’ secretions, commonly called honeydew. Control the ants with this Herb and Soap Ant-Repellent Spray and you’ll inhibit these other common pests.

• 1/2 cup fresh tansy leaves
• 1/2 cup fresh santolina leaves
• 1 quart boiled water
• 1 tablespoon Murphy Oil Soap
• 10 drops vetiver essential oil

1. Add herbs to boiled water, cover and steep until infusion is cool.

2. Strain out herbs. Stir in soap and vetiver oil.

3. Before use, shake mixture well, then filter it into a sprayer. Use Herb and Soap Ant-Repellent Spray on ant trails, counters, soil surfaces or wherever ants are a problem.

Tina Marie Wilcox and Susan Belsinger are longtime Herb Companion contributors.

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