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Where to Buy Organic, Non-GMO Heirloom Seeds: 6 Companies

One of the reasons many of us grow our own food is so we know it’s grown healthfully and according to our values, and that begins with seeds. The following companies are a few (but not all) of the conscientious seed companies you can buy from—they all guarantee reliable seeds and a dedication to sustainable agriculture and educational outreach. In addition, ...

Mother Earth Living Editors | Mar 19, 2021

Vegetable Gardening

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Planting in the Fall for a Spring Bounty

It’s time to stop thinking of autumn as the time to wrap up the garden—a handful of vegetables can be planted now and will grow slowly through winter in mild climates or go dormant until the following early spring in colder climates. Come spring, they will start growing and be ready to harvest for a delicious superearly crop.Besides kick-starting the spring ...

Charlie Nardozzi | Sep 21, 2020

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Garden Projects

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Putting the Garden to Bed for Winter

My enthusiasm for gardening wanes by autumn, and I long for the respite winter offers. While putting the garden to bed in the fall isn’t as much fun as watching it wake up in the spring, don’t let your care for the garden disappear just yet. “The end of October is really the first day of spring, because everything you do in fall sets up your success or ...

Margaret Haapoja | Sep 21, 2020

Gardening Tips

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How to Design a Low-Allergen Garden

  Photo by Adobe Stock/Sandor JackalIf sneezing, itchy eyes, coughing, and postnasal drip are preventing you from working in the garden, you’re not alone. The American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology estimates that allergic rhinitis — commonly referred to as “hay fever” — affects up to 30 percent of people ...

Sheryl Normandeau | Apr 9, 2019

Herb Gardening

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Seed Starting Guide

 Nurturing herbs from seeds offers many benefits to the herb gardener: You get a head start in the garden; you can minimize the chance of introducing soil-borne diseases to your garden; you'll save money; and you may even have fun along the way!A Seed Starting Guide for Herbs and More       Plant an Herb Garden From ...

| Mar 20, 2021

Outdoor Living

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How to Look at Your Garden Through the Eyes of Wildlife Visitors

How to Look at Your Garden Through the Eyes of Wildlife VisitorsBy Susan Tweit, HouzzDepending on the time of year, you might see in your yard a symphony of flowers in different colors and shapes (spring and summer), a splash of leaves changing (fall) or an accent of seedpods and berries (winter). What the wildlife visitors who use your yard see is very different. Pollinators, for ...

| Feb 28, 2018

Plant Profile

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Salsify, Vegetable Oyster, Goatsbeard

The salsifies are spring weeds.Three species are found all over North America, introduced from Europe. Salsify, also called vegetable oyster and oyster plant, Tragopogon porrifolius, is a purple-flowered plant with a flower shaped like a dandelion, narrow leaves, and a seed head like a large dandelion (about the size of a tennis ball). Meadow salsify, Tragopogon pratensis, called ...

Staff | May 17, 2021

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