Sprogs: Healthy Snacks for Healthy Kids

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If the name Sprogs doesn’t catch your attention—and in case you were wondering, sprog is a British term for kid or youngster—their product will. Rice scooters are made with wholesome, local and often organic brown rice, vegetables and proteins. Different variations are packed together into little rice cubes, similar to Japanese o-nigiri.

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Inspired to Do It Right

Ching-Yee, the creator of Sprogs, is passionate about real food. “Real food goes bad,” the company states, insisting that we should embrace the natural processes untainted food goes through. She became inspired to create the delicious, flavored, sticky rice snacks so she and her kids would have something better to snack on. The idea was obviously a success. Several times a week, employees hit up top spots for fresh, local ingredients that are used to make the best product possible.

No Harmful Preservatives = Short Shelf Life

Rice scooters have a relatively short shelf life, like any fresh product. However, they keep in the fridge for several days. The fresh food dilemma has kept rice scooters limited to the San Francisco area, but as the company grows, that will likely change. I’m hoping I will soon be able to have a box delivered to my Georgia doorstep. I’ve been craving sticky rice snacks since my trip to Japan!

Satisfying Food On-the-Go

Sprogs is changing the snack food biz. Rice scooters are portable, not very messy, and super-healthy. There are many flavors, some kind of crazy while others are picky eater friendly. Of course, I love the unusual, so my favorite was the Kale and Kimchi Scooter. It’s spicy, with delightfully crunchy pieces of Sprogs’ housemade, vegan kimchi spread throughout. The Shiitake Scooter was my second favorite, with the Bacon and Egg, Jamaican Jerk Chicken and Teriyaki Tofu falling close behind.

The little packages of goodness are extremely satisfying. I made a meal out of them by pairing a couple with steamed veggies. Rice scooters are perfect picnic food as well, since they are prepackaged and ready to go.

Get Into the Sprogs Mentality

The idea behind Sprogs is one that we need to adopt. We should always consume real, nourishing food. No exception. Our minds tend to be fixed on the misconception that a snack is a bag of potato chips or artificially colored gummies. No! Real food nourishes, it doesn’t damage. It’s time to reevaluate the way we view our food.

Sprogs is a blueprint for rethinking food, especially snacks. No more artificial crackers, cookies or “protein” bars. Companies need to build on a foundation like this so real food is available in convenient forms.

Organic Living Superfoods creates organic, superfood snacks that are sourced from sustainable, fair-trade farms. Their kid-friendly, vegan products, like the Organic Raw Sprouted Pizza Almonds, are loaded with flavor and are a perfect example of a tasty, health-boosting snack. Let’s start feeding our kids these healthy foods. If you’re in the San Francisco area, try out some rice scooters and support a company that looks beyond a dollar sign.

Karyn Wofford is a type 1 diabetic, EMT and Certified Wellness Specialist. For years she has educated herself on wellness and natural, wholesome living. Karyn’s goal is to help people be the healthiest they can be while living fun, happy lives.

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