Schisandra Powder and Strawberry Salad Topping Recipe

Blend schisandra powder into herb-featuring recipes so you not only enjoy the recipe’s flavors but also reap positive health benefits.

July / August

Yield: 4 to 8 servings

Schisandra berries are perfect if you’re looking to incorporate an herb that helps support healthy stress levels and promotes mental focus. In this case, you will be using schisandra powder. This recipe is savory and tart, but you can add a little honey or raw cane sugar to the topping in order to bring out the sweetness of the strawberries if you’d prefer.


• 1 cup finely chopped strawberries
• 1 teaspoon schisandra berry powder
• 4 tablespoon olive oil
• 1/4 cup pomegranate-infused red wine vinegar
• Pinch of salt
• Raw cane sugar, honey, or maple syrup, to taste


1. Combine chopped strawberries, schisandra berry powder, olive oil, and pomegranate-infused red wine vinegar in a glass jar. Infuse overnight.

2. Add a pinch of salt to the infusion, and sweeten to taste with your preferred sweetener.

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