Herbal Iced Tea Recipe: Peach Pick-Me-Up

<p>Make the most of summer’s most heavenly flavors with this sprightly tea. Fresh, fully ripe peaches are best, of course, but you can substitute canned or frozen peaches in juice (not syrup) when fresh peaches are not available. You can prepare the mint tea ahead of time, but always mix in the peaches just before serving. <em>Makes about six 8-ounce servings.</em>
<p>• 1 tablespoon dried mint leaves<br />
• 4 cups water<br />
• 2 cups pureed peaches, chilled<br />
• Fresh mint leaves for garnish</p>
<p>1. Steep mint leaves in hot (80- to 90-degree) water for 3 minutes.</p>
<p>2. Pour peaches into a sieve to remove chunks.</p>
<p>3. After the mint tea has cooled completely, mix it with the strained peach puree. Serve cold, garnished with fresh mint leaves.</p>
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