Prevent Bone Loss with Calcium Rich Foods: Herb Vinegar

<p>Some sources report enhanced calcium absorption from foods combined with vinegar, which leaches calcium from the foods to make it more bioavailable. Vinegar also assists the digestive process, which is another key factor.</p>
<li>3 to 4 fresh herb sprigs (4 inches each), such as basil, thyme or dill</li>
<li>1 bottle (16 ounces) natural apple cider vinegar</li>
<li>Clean all surfaces that will come into contact with the herbs. Rinse the herbs well but do not let them sit in water. Gently remove any excess water by putting the herbs into a salad spinner or patting them dry with kitchen towels.</li>
<li>Remove the cap from the vinegar and stuff the herbs into the bottle, making sure they are completely immersed. Cap the bottle and leave it on the kitchen counter. Turn the bottle upside-down daily (especially important if herbs are floating).</li>
<li>Strain out the herbs and pour the vinegar back into the bottle after 1 week for soft, fleshy herbs, such as basil and dill, or 2 weeks for woody herbs such as thyme. Cap tightly and store in a cool dark place for up to 1 year.</li>
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<em>Debbie Whittaker, the Herb Gourmet, is a culinary herbalist and instructor</em>.</p>
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