Cancer Fighting Foods: Garlic New Potatoes

<em>Serves 4<br />
</em>The garlic in these new potatoes inhibits the formation of nitrosamines–cancer-causing compounds that form during the digestive process.</p>
<li>8 new potatoes, washed</li>
<li>Olive oil</li>
<li>8 or more cloves garlic</li>
<li>Fresh or dried rosemary</li>
<li>Salt and pepper</li>
<li>Preheat the oven to 400°. Place the potatoes on a piece of foil large enough to wrap around the potatoes.</li>
<li>Drizzle the potatoes with the oil. With a garlic press, squeeze at least 1 clove of garlic over each potato.</li>
<li>Sprinkle the potatoes with the rosemary and salt and pepper to taste. Turn the potatoes over several times, so they are well covered with the mixture.</li>
<li>Wrap the foil around the potatoes, place the packet on a baking sheet and bake for 1 hour.</li>
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<em>Beth Baugh has been the managing editor for ten books on botanical medicine and has been involved in the herb industry for almost thirty years. Christopher Hobbs, L.Ac., is the author of</em> Herbal Remedies for Dummies <em>(IDG, 1998) and many other books. Together, Christopher and Beth have recently completed an herbal correspondence course called Foundations of Herbalism; visit</em>
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