Quick and Easy Pickles Recipe

Choose your own pickle adventure! You can munch these easy cukes at your preferred level of tang.

Quick and Easy Pickles Recipe

Vinegar (any vinegar will do; try rice, rice wine or white wine vinegar if you’re not sure what you like)
Herbs and seasonings (optional)

1. Slice thin rounds of cucumbers into a dish. Pour vinegar over slices until they are just submerged. If you wish, add your favorite herbs and seasonings such as dill fronds, garlic slices and hot chiles. (Another yummy option is to use half vinegar and half toasted sesame oil and sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds, though quick pickles made with oil won’t last quite as long in your refrigerator.)

2. Cover and refrigerate, and begin eating the next day. Your easy pickles will increase in tanginess each day.

3. Add fresh cucumbers as they become available, adding just enough vinegar to cover them each time.

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