6 Tex-Mex Recipes to Lower Blood Pressure: Mixed Greens

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Serves 4

Dark leafy greens contain a variety of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients essential for controlling blood pressure. Among the most helpful of these greens is organic (unsprayed) dandelion leaf, which is as effective a diuretic as some prescription drugs and high in potassium. Two other greens I always grow in my garden are arugula, extremely high in calcium, and purslane, a good source of magnesium and plant-based omega-3 fatty acids.

• 2 leaves domestic or 6 leaves wild organic dandelion leaves
• 4 leaves arugula
• 4 (6-inch) sprigs purslane
• 4 leaves red or other leaf lettuce

1. Rinse the greens well. Tear them into bite-sized pieces (1 to 2 inches for a salad, 1/2 inch for taco filling). Pat them dry with clean kitchen towels.

2. Place in a salad bowl or, if used as a filling for Fish Wraps or tacos, in a serving bowl to be set on the table alongside other condiments. This recipe may also be doubled or tripled to make a salad side dish to serve with Garlic Salsa dressing.

Debbie Whittaker, a frequent contributor to Herbs for Health, demonstrates her healthy cooking style as the “Herb Gourmet” in Denver, Colorado.

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