Cool Down with Iced Drinks

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Fresh mango makes a tasty addition to iced tea.
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Chamomile and apple juice combine to create a relaxing and tasty beverage. Try serving this tea at your next children’s party or with dessert.
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Hibiscus-Lime Sun Tea
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This hearty Icy Tomato-Herb Tonic tastes a lot like a Bloody Mary without the vodka.
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Lavender and hibiscus flowers turn this refreshing Pink Herbal Lemonade a gorgeous hot-pink color.

Herbal Iced Drinks: Nothing is more refreshing than a cold beverage when temperatures rise. If you’re bored with the same old iced tea, make your own herbal drinks to help you stay cool this summer. Get creative with garnishes–instead of the usual lemon slices or peppermint sprigs, try skewered fruits or vegetables. Any edible herb or flower looks beautiful adorning a glass.

Mango Iced Tea
Chamomile Apple Cooler
Hibiscus-Lime Sun Tea
Iced Green Tea Chai
Peppermint Slush
Fresh Ginger and Lemon Soda
Icy Tomato-Herb Tonic
Pink Herbal Lemonade

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