Mary Murray

Mary Murray

Occupation: Mary will tell you she’s a wife, mom, goat charmer, chicken whisperer, bee maven, farmers’ market baker, and free-lance writer sharing stories from a small farm in the Midwest. mary murray with black cat

Place of Residence: Ohio


Mary was born and raised in the Midwest, and while her family moved often, the sweet memories of her grandmother’s home in the country always stayed with her…rows of fragrant lilacs, a large vegetable garden, and woods begging to be explored. Fast forward a few years and Mary traveled to the Rocky Mountains for college. When she returned home after graduation, she married her sweetheart and they settled into their first apartment…but it wasn’t long before it felt small, and that feeling kicked-started the beginning of many Saturday mornings they would pack a map, a picnic, and start searching for a few acres to call their own. Mary’s husband had grown up on a 100-acre farm, and Mary still had those warm memories of her grandmother’s home, so it was easy to decide that a farmhouse outside of a small town was what they wanted.

After many Saturdays, they came upon an 1864 farmhouse for sale. Yes it needed some love, but it had room to roam, space for gardens, fruit trees, goats, honeybees, and a flock of happy hens…the decision was made!  “During our first summer here, the cool breezes were constant on the farm, so we chose the name Windy Meadows Farm, rolled up our sleeves, and began to make this old farmhouse our own. That was years ago, and during that time a sweet girl and boy joined our family.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve felt it’s the simple pleasures that mean the most … tying on an apron for Sunday dinner, barn sales & auctions, farmers’ markets, county fairs, porch swings, and slow train rides. Add to these things the laughter of children and I couldn’t be happier.

“Living in the country is, for us, the best kind of life.”

You can visit our farm blog at Windy Meadows Farm.

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