Hannah Kincaid, Editor-in-Chief

As Editor-in-Chief of Mother Earth Living, Hannah selects the topics and hires the authors featured in print. She spends a good portion of her day researching and writing about plant-based medicine, holistic nutrition, wellness trends, healthy lifestyles, and organic gardening.  Her work has appeared in Mother Earth News, Heirloom Gardener, Mother Earth Living, and The American Gardener.


Hannah is particularly interested in growing and using medicinal plants, and she has pursued that passion by apprenticing with a local herbalist, completing a number of online herbalism courses, and growing a large medicinal garden at her rural home. Hannah’s latest plant-focused project involves distilling hydrosols from homegrown herbs using a 10-liter copper alembic still. She uses these hydrosols in homemade aromatherapy products, lotions, and creams. Hannah loves teaching others about hydrosols, body-care products, plant-based medicine, and other tools for living a seasonal, nourishing life. Click here to contact Hannah about speaking at your wellness event, yoga retreat, or herbal conference.

Follow Hannah on Instagram @Hannah_Aften, connect with her on LinkedIn, or send her an email at Hkincaid@motherearthliving.com.

Hannah’s online portfolio is available at www.HannahKincaid.com.


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