Faithful Homesteader

Faithful Homesteader

Occupation: Freelance writer, Hebrew professor, and volunteer faithful homesteader riding horse

Place of Residence: North Texas

Background: She is an Air Force veteran. She is a freelance writer, blogger and Hebrew professor. She is married and her family includes a cat, dog, chickens and fish. She volunteers at an equine therapy ranch and with an organization fighting human trafficking.

Current Projects:

She is currently working on training a new puppy. He is a part of her healthy lifestyle since he is another reason to get her outside in the fresh air. She plans to take him on regular hikes once he becomes more compliant.

One great learning adventure is converting an old church bus into a tiny home. She is learning new skills as she works on the bus with her husband.

The garden is an ongoing project. One new goal is growing some different vegetables than she normally does to break out of the routine of always eating the same thing.

She is also blogging for GRIT magazine and manages Faithful Homesteader on Facebook.

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